In continually striving to improve (Kei)
One must develop the mind, body and spirit (Shin)
The way to do this is through the art (Kan)

There are many ways to improve yourself physically and mentally. Studying the martial art of Karate is one of the most effective. Karate training requires strenuous physical and mental discipline. It helps build a strong character and respect for other people. It originated as a system of self defence using the unarmed body to block or avoid attacks, and to effectively counter attack.

Dedicated Karate practice improves the mind through the teachings of self control, effort, etiquette and respect for fellow students.

Uchida1“Karate is not the brick breaking and fancy movie fighting scenes many people associate with it. It is unfortunate that the perception of karate by the general public has been influenced by these things. As a means of self defence and physical well being, karate is extremely effective. However its value in developing one’s spirit, determination, and commitment is significant.” Shihan Uchida.