Master Toyama

Master Kanken Toyama

toyamaMaster Toyama was born in Shuri, Okinawa, in 1888. He began his training in 1897 under Master Itarashiki. Later he became a student of Master Itosu and trained with him until Master Itosu’s death in 1915. Master Toyama was Shihandai to Master Itosu for several years. Later, he was promoted to Shihanshi (protégé) by Master Itosu. Master Toyama also studied at various times from other Masters of Naha and Tomari, including Masters Azato, Chibana and Yabu.

In 1924, Master Toyama moved to Taiwan where he studied a Chinese martial art Nanpa Shorin Ken. After he returned to Japan in 1930 and opened his first dojo in Tokyo, it was called “Shudokan”, meaning “The Hall for the study for the Way”.

Master Toyama did not claim to teach a particular style of Karate-Do. He said that styles are limited to the personality of their founders and this limits their development. True Karate-do should not be limited in this way.