Shihan Uchida

Shihan Kisaku Uchida


Shihan Uchida was born in 1945 in Tokyo. He studied various martial arts in high school and university. In 1963 he became a student of Kei Shin Kan under Master Takazawa. He assisted Master Takazawa to teach at the American Army Base and other dojos.

Shihan Uchida moved to Malaysia in 1969 and taught karate under the Malaysian Karate Federation. From 1970 to 1978 he trained a special forces unit for the Singapore police. He establised the Singapore Kei Shin Kan Karate Association, as well as teaching karate at the local university.

While based in Singapore, Shihan Uchida spent time between the Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia to train the Kei Shin Kan associations in those countries.

In 1979, Shihan Uchida moved to Australia to teach Kei Shin Kan. The first dojo was established at Gosford in New South Wales and subsequently in Sydney.