Australian Kei Shin Kan Karate Do commenced in Australia in 1971 by Shihan Masayuki Takasaka until 1999, before Shihan Kisaku Uchida took over. Kei Shin Kan has dojos internationally with the Australian dojos located in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Broken Hill and Tasmania.

Kei Shin Kan is a not for profit dojo and is dedicated to following the teachings of traditional Japanese Karate Do as passed on by Master Takazawa. Emphasis is placed on:

  • Developing self discipline, patience, respect and a strong spirit
  • Strong foundation of basic techniques
  • Development of speed, power, timing, accuracy and correct breathing
  • Training designed to cater to all students, all ages and physical abilities
  • Precise and controlled sparring
  • In depth study of kata techniques and traditional spirit of Karate Do

Classes are available for juniors, men, women and seniors.

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