National All Styles Tournament – 29 August 2010

On Saturday 29 August we attended the National All Styles tournament in Sydney. Kei Shin Kan had excellent representation with 8 students competing in a total of 13 events.

Our students performed very well, achieving a place in 9 of the 13 events in which we competed. Complete results were as follows.

Picture Name Event Result
Marcel Veterans Kata Second
Marcel Open Kata Third
Marcel Traditional Weapons First
Marcel, Simon, Tatsuo Demonstration Kata Third
  Simon Open Kata No Place
  Simon Open Points Sparring No Place
  John Veterans Point Sparring No Place
  John Open Kata No Place
Dawn Women’s Intermediate Points Sparring First
Dawn Women’s Intermediate Kata Second
Andre Men’s Novice Kata First
Tony Men’s Novice Kata Second
Yumiko Women’s Novice Kata Third

Overall it was an excellent result, particularly for our junior students who were competing in a tournament for the first time or, in Dawn’s case, in a particular event (sparring) for the first time.

Everyone performed well in the pressure tournament environment. Our junior students enjoyed the challenge of performing kata in a new environment in front of judges and crowds. They have all gained an appreciation for the concentration required to ensure you are not distracted.

The senior students faced some challenging competition particularly in the open events. All performed commendably.