2015 National All Styles Tournament

On Sunday 29 March we attended the National All Styles tournament in Sydney. Kei Shin Kan had excellent representation with 3 students competing in a total of 6 events.

Our students did outstandingly winning first place in four events and placing second in two events.

The results were as below:

Student Name Event Result
Endre Eross Endres Eross Advanced Sparring First
Endre Eross Endres Eross Advanced Forms First
Dawn Uchida Dawn Uchida Advanced Sparring First
Dawn Uchida Dawn Uchida Advanced Forms First
 Shingo Shingo Enomoto Novice Sparring Second
 Shingo Shingo Enomoto Novice Forms Second

All students had great results, especially Shingo with a great performance for his first tournament.

Everyone left the tournament with expanded experience and appreciate of the focus, calmness and challenge of competing in a tournament, against opponents of various disciplines and the pressure of judges and crowds.

Overall a successful round at the 2015 National All Styles Tournament.

Kei Shin Kan - National All Styles